Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Retropolis - Much Breaks Vol. 2 - EXCLUSIVE FREE MIX

The highly-anticipated second instalment in Retropolis's Exlusive Funk and Filth Mixtape series has finally landed, and boy does it deliver the goods!

Exactly what we've come to expect from the beat flinger extraordinaire, Much Breaks Volume 2 is a twisting, turning, frankly pretty damn mental free wheel down the slopes of the Breakbeat Mountain! Just when you think you know what's round the corner another banger comes steaming toward you. And another. And another.

If you thought Much Breaks Vol 1 was naughty, then brace yourself for part 2, it'll take your frickin face off!

[Tracklist available further down this post]

Want more from Retropolis?

There are plenty more beats to be found on his Soundcloud, Juno, Beatport and Facebook pages.

Tracklist for Much Breaks Vol 2 by Retropolis:

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Best Free Mixtapes of 2015 . . . So Far!!!

So, we're a quarter of the way through 2015 already. Fuck! How did that happen!? Well, the last 3 months have delivered an abundance of top quality mixtapes from some of the finest DJs out there in Funk and Filth land, and we've collated them all here in one place for you along with free download links! Aren't we nice!

We will of course do our annual Mix Of The Year competition for you to vote in towards the end of the year, but here is our pick of the best ones so far! Help yourself, they're all FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

First up, the brand new April Funk and Filth Mixtape from the unstoppable Doctor Hooka! Ahead of his big Easter party with the Ghetto Funk crew he has dropped this absolute treat of a mix. Some sumptuous liquid funk and some bassline bangers all in one!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

The devastating dream team of a duo, A.Skillz and Krafty Kuts, have let rip with one the most funk-fuelled mixes we've ever heard. You know this is gonna be good, so get it in your face NOW!!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

An insanely good mix from the one and only Deekline this month! Miami was the place to be for breaks and bass heads this month, and with mixes of this calibre being flung about it is clear why!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

If it is breaks and beats you're after, then the man they call Beat Breaker has just the thing for you!! His latest exclusive mix for Funk and Filth is crammed full of refixes that deliver the goods over and over again!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

Sleepy Tom delivers an utter onslaught of bass in his special birthday edition of his Pillowcast series. We cannot get enough of this mix!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

One of our favourite discoveries of 2014, Hotline Zero have thundered into 2015 with their funk cannons blazing, and this mixtape is pure Funk and Filth warfare!!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

The Qemists are arguably one of the best live bands we've ever seen (we shit you not!), with their genre-raping mix of drum n bass, rock, dubstep and pretty much everything else! But they can also throw out a bang tidy mixtape too, just like this . . .

Click here to download this mixtape for free

The first in a series of exclusive Funk and Filth Mixtapes that the mighty Retropolis will be unleashing over coming months is an absolute smasher!! His trademark mix of rave breaks and brutal basslines is so fucking irresistible!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

As a previous winner of our coveted Mix Of The Year title, Neon Steve's Pleasensations mixes are always hotly anticipated at Funk and Filth HQ, and this latest one is no exception to his consistently delicious blend of beats.

Click here to download this mixtape for free

Fancy a trip down breakbeat memory lane, including a lesson on some of the biggest monsters the genre has ever thrown out? Then this fine mix from Jay Cunning will fit the bill beautifully. This is literally anthem after anthem after anthem!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

Sounds Of The Mooqeeness, bizarelly, does exactly what it says on the tin! Not sure what Mooqeeness is? Well then my friend, you are in for a treat, download this now!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

When this mix came out, the people in the know (we kinda like to think we're included in that group) were all over it like a donkey on a waffle! Terry Hooligan certainly knows how to pick bangers and craft an epic mix.

Click here to download this mixtape for free

One of the rising talents on the UK scene, Dealo Brown is hot property at the moment. His guest mix on January's Croooked Audio Show showcased why you should be all over him right now!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

A.Skillz is arguably one of the funkiest men on the planet. Cut this guy and he bleeds funk! (Not literally, please don't cut him!). His Beats Working series has become the benchmark by which we measure all other mixes, so of course it was gonna be included here!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

Another firm favourite here at Funk and Filth HQ, Mafia Kiss is establishing himself as the don of the darker side of breaks. His blend of bassline genres makes the second instalment in his Night Selection mixtape series a must have for the discerning bass fiend!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

B-Side and Detta are like the Batman and Robin of Ghetto Funk. No, maybe more like the Starsky and Hutch! Han Solo and Chewey?? It matters not, what we're trying to say is they are fucking badass, and with a new monthly residency at Proud in Camden, Londoners now have a regular chance to catch them doing their thang!!

Click here to download this mixtape for free

Hope you enjoyed this selection of mixtapes. We certainly did! Let us know what you think with your comments below . . .

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Monday, 30 March 2015

REDEMPTION - Exclusive Free Mix from Beat Breaker

That naughty breaker of beats has been at it again! He's slammed together another exclusive Funk and Filth mix of monstrous proportions, and it's available right here as a FREE DOWNLOAD just for you lot!

With some of the beastliest beats around - from the likes of UFO Project, Aggresivnes, DJ Fixx, Alt-A and refixes from Beat Breaker himself - you need to get this in your life now! For more beats, breaks and bass check out his Soundcloud page.


Click here to download Redemption Mixtape for FREE!

Tracklist for Redemption Mixtape by Beat Breaker:

01.. Noisestorm: Sentinel
02.. Kuplay ft. Play Moore vs. Perfect Kombo: Never Say No [Beat-Breaker RFX]
03.. Kuplay ft. Mutantbreakz: Hip Hip Hip
04.. Access Denied: Epic Warriors
05.. Wes Smith ft. Low End Hustler: Put Ya Hips In It [DJ Fixx RMX]
06.. DJ Fixx & Keith MacKenzie vs. Wes Smith ft. Low End Hustler: Soulstice Hips [Beat-Breaker RFX]
07.. Bartdon: Back To Night
08.. UFO Project: Back To The Old Skool
09.. The Gulf Gate Project: Sound Chip
10.. Outer Kid: Back To Mine [Sketi RMX]
11.. Outer Kid vs. Defkline: Back To Mine [Sketi RMX] / Bass Shaker
12.. Defkline: Bass Shaker
13.. Perfect Kombo: Intercooler
14.. Aggresivnes: Tooby
15.. The Gulf Gate Project vs. DJ Fixx & Keith MacKenzie: Ginger Montana [Beat-Breaker RFX]
16.. Kuplay ft. Drummaker & Marcus T: F.U.N.K.
17.. Access Denied vs. Deekline & Wizard vs. Krafty Kuts: Back Up For All [Beat-Breaker RFX]
18.. Beat Assassins vs. Left/Right & Digital Pizza: Gunclip Everybody [Beat-Breaker RFX]
19.. Ashford & Simpson: California Soul [Alt-A RFX]
20.. Refracture: Lift Me Up