Friday, 14 November 2014

Mix Of The Year 2014 - VOTING OPEN

It's that time of year again! A look back at the tastiest free mixes from the last 12 months, and your chance to vote for the best!

Any mix from any funky filthy genre that's been unleashed between 1st Nov 2013 and 31st Oct 214 is eligible, and we've got a quality selection right here! From chilled out beats, to face-shredding bass lines, from some of the biggest names in the business to some of the freshest up-and-coming DJs . . . these truly are the best mixes we've heard in the last year!

Our shortlist has grown again this year, proving how much awesomeness there is out there! We had 12 finalists last year, this year we've got 15!!

Here's how you can help decide this year's winner:
> LISTEN to the mixes below
> DOWNLOAD your favourites (they're all FREE to download!)
> VOTE for the ONE mix that you think should take the title of Funk and Filth's Mix Of The Year 2014

The voting options are on the right-hand side of this page (not visible when viewing on mobile phones), all you have to do is click next to the mix that you think is the best, then click VOTE!
You can also leave us a Facebook comment below, or Tweet us using the hashtag #FunkAndFilth.

We'll include your votes along with our internal voting at Funk and Filth HQ when we decide on the winner! Funk and Filth will have the final decision and any dubious voting practices will result in disqualification.

Let's start the list with the reigning champion. Pleasensations Vol 1 took Neon Steve all the way to the top of our poll last year, and Vols 2 and 3 have been just as awesome over the last year. Volume 2 is our favourite, and here it is in all it's beautiful, atmospheric glory!

As soon as we heard this one from DJ B-Side and Sammy Senior we knew it was going make it onto our shortlist! Relentless funk-fuelled mayhem from start to finish, this is what it's all about!

2014 has definitely been the year of the Wuki! His inch-perfect production and mixes like this one have catapulted him to the forefront of the bass music scene, and well-deserved! This is some of his finest work!

It's been another BIG year for Mafia Kiss, dropping massive sets all over the world and dishing out some tidy freebies. It's his Night Selection mix, with it's dark, dirty bass lines, that stood out for us this year. It's awesome, check it out . . .

The Dance-Off Soundsystem came thundering onto the scene this year, with teeth bared, trousers round their ankles, ready to rock! This mix showcases this tear-out attitude at its peak. Big speakers needed!!

We bloody love a Retropolis mix!! We love them so much that we asked him to put together an exclusive Funk and Filth mix, which is truly epic! However, he then went and out-did himself with his monstrous Bass, Breaks, Rave, Repeat series, which is so good it's stupid! Volumes 1 and 2 are damn tasty, but the most recent Volume 3 takes the crown for us. Euphoric, thunderous, bass magic.

A delicious slice of bass cake baked up by Miss Monument. London-based Monument has been found DJing alongside big names like Stanton Warriors, Deekline and JFB, and is cutting her own niche in the bass music scene. Her Breaks Yard mix was one of the stand-out mixes of the year, and when she drops that Kulman remix of Intensity at 36mins you know you're onto a winner!

The undisputed king of funky-ass breaks, Krafty Kuts has dished out some textbook mixes over the last year. Fresh Kuts Vol 7 was another dangerously good instalment in the long-running series, but his promo mix for the Lady Waks Radio show nearly knocked our ears off our heads. What happens at 16mins in is special . . .

When it comes to throwing shit down, the Se7en Deadly Breaks boys are hard to beat, as their Boomtown set proves in spectacular fashion! Buckle up people, this is mental!

When the Headset Heroes get a free run at the decks, you can expect big things! Don't be lulled into a false sense of security with the gentle intro to this badboy, it packs a punch!!

As one of the linchpins of the UK breaks scene, Jurassik can be found sprinkling glorious beats over dancefloors all over the place, and this is a tidy example of the sort of sets that have had us bouncing all year!

Quite simply the best live set we heard this year was played by Leygo in the Funk and Filth room aboard the big boat party in conjunction with Instant Vibes and Hot Cakes! And his warm-up mix was equally as naughty, check it out . . .

Dirty, ruthless breaks warfare, mixed by one of the most respected names in the UK breaks scene! Have a listen and you'll see exactly why this little badboy from Leuce Rhythms had to be included in this year's mix of the year shortlist!

Genuine contender for the title of 'Hardest Working Man in Funk', Mr Jimi Needles is also in the running for this year's Mix Of The Year crown with his awesome NeedleWurk mixtape. You need this mix in your life!

When it comes to pure tear-out breaks, Spanish DJ / Producer combo DubAxFace know a thing or two!! Backing up their consistently awesome production with a mix of this calibre cements their position well and truly as one of our favourites breaks all-rounders!

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There is your shortlist! Who gets your vote?

Of course, there were loads of other awesome mixes out there in the last 12 months (most of them will have been featured here on Funk and Filth at some point!), but we had to boil it down to our favourites, and here they are for you to listen to, download for free and vote for your favourite!

You'll find the voting buttons at the top of this page on the right hand side (not visible when viewing on mobile phones!), and you can also leave a Facebook comment on this page, or Tweet us using the hashtag #FunkAndFilth.

Hope you enjoy all the mixes and massive thanks to all the DJs and Producers for another year of funky, filthy, downright dirty beats!

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Best of the Best : November 2014

It's the big one that you wait for every month! Our brand new Best of the Best round-up for November is collection of the finest beats and basslines that the inernet has to offer! It's pretty much all FREE to download too, so get your hands dirty with some filthy beats and some funky mixes.

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This month's Best of the Best selection includes bass-laden beat-biscuits from Deekline, Krafty Kuts, Speo, A.Skillz, Captain Flatcap, Fifties, K Theory, Buck Rogers and loads more! Get stuck in . . .

Let's start with our halloween-themed mix from the don Deekline! There are plenty of halloween mixes bouncing around at this time of year, and most of them are pretty poor. This one is not. This one is good!

Click here to download for free.

Something pretty damn fine from the Headset Heroes, dishing out some chunky beats and face-scrunching dose of bass. Loving this remix.

Brand new mix from the main man, and it doesn't disappoint. It may lull you in to a false sense of security with the opening tracks, but after 16 minutes it becomes a truly unstoppable beast of mix. Proper stuff!

Click here to download for free

WHAT have arrived on the scene with a bang! Claws out, pants down and ready to roll, these boys are the new bass flingers in town, and their track Say What Again is an absolute banger! Their remix of Missing aint too bad either!

Click here to download for free

Beat Breaker has waved his magical filth wand(!) and delivered this awesome free Filth Wizard mixtape! Available as an Exclusive Funk and Filth Free Download, you need to get your ears around this now!

Click here to download for free

Sticking on the filthy theme, this latest freebie from K Theory is proper tooth-grinder! Sub up, pants down, all systems go!!

Click here to download for free

This is proving to be a good month for remixes! A.Skillz unleashes this truly delicious remix of Ian Brown's classic, and it turns out to be something pretty special. Free download too!

Click here to download for free

That cheeky little lady known (and loved) as Fifties is throwing her beats into the mixer in DJs latest competition! Show some support for this awesome, genre-spanning mixtape by liking and sharing!

DJ Mag Next Generation by Fifties by Fifties on Mixcloud

Tigerlight's latest house roller has been given some cheeky video treatment, so now you've got something to focus on while her honey vocals raise your hands to the sky. Grab the track as a free download too.

One of our favourite labels - the infamous Bombstrikes - are having a bit of an event over at Juno Download to celebrate their 10th birthday! Including freebies, massively discounted bundle packs of big, fat, juicy Bombstrikes tunes, and a competition to WIN THE ENTIRE BACK CATALOGUE get over there now and fill your crates!
Graq this free download and you'll automatically be in the draw to win the back catalogue!

Click here to download for free

You guys asked for hats, so we got you hats! Check them out here!

Any regular visitors to Funk and Filth will know that we big fans of B-Phreak's style. Holding nothing back, he is a bass hound of the highest order, and his latest mix for the legendary Armory podcast series is one of his best yet.

Click here to download for free

Featurecast took to the decks alongside some of Funk and Filth's finest in North London last month, and proved to the packed dancefloor at the Old Queens Head why he's one of the hottest properties in funky bassline badness at the moment! His latest freebie is pretty damn fine too!

Click here to download for free

Some pukka releases from the beat machine known as Kwerk! He's massively upped his game in recent months (and it was already pretty damn high!), so we're suitably aroused by the prospect of more Kwerk releases to come soon! Check these out...

Download on Beatport

Get the new Sketchwerk EP on Beatport NOW!

A monster of a DnB mix from the high-rolling James D'Ley! Rocking out on the mighty Rough Tempo Radio this set is, as you'd expect, crammed full of JD's beastly bass. We likey!

DJ Buck Rogers is one of our favourite finds of recent months! Funk-laden chunky beats with a signature style, we reckon this boy is gonna go far, check out the array of freebies below . . .

Click here to download Time To Rock for free

It seems as though everything Alt-A touches turns to gold! We've loved all his re-works to date, and this latest one is just as good. Top marks for being consistently badass!

Click here to download for free

Another beat chemist whose product never lets us down is the meteoric Mafia Kiss! Don't really need to say much about this one, will let it speak for itself!

Click here to download for free

What's that? You'd like a sexy little hip hop mashup to shake your booty to?? Well, fear not, as DJ Syko is here to deliver the goods with this tasty little nugget!

Click here to download for free

Aaaaaannnd breathe . . . DJ Chamber is here to soothe your post-rave horrors with this beautifully soothed mashup. Like pouring yourself a bath full of warm honey, this thing will take away any worries you might have!

Click here to download for free

You might want to stay in that bath full of honey for this one! A track of pure beauty from Speo, with all the plinky plonky bits and warm basslines that your shattered mind could ever crave for!

Click here to download for free

Let's dial up the funk a bit with this head-bobbing beauty from Captain Flatcap. Ghetto funk beats don't come much finer than this!

Click here to download for free

And every good does of funk should be met with an equal amount of filth . . . so here is the new bassline monster from The Soapmaker and Daddy Douchbag! Gumshields in people, this is naughty!

Click here to download for free

We'll leave on a garage vibe this time, with this nostalgic trip down 2-step lane! This can magically transport you to a late 90s dancefloor within seconds!

Click here for free download

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Exclusive Free Filthy Mix from Beat Breaker

Our funky, filthy friend Mr Beat Breaker has unleashed his latest free mix as a Funk and Filth Exclusive Free Download!

It's called 'Filth Wizard', so you can probably guess the sort of monsters it contains! Take it from us, this is naughty!! With beats from the likes of Krossbow, Skope, Krafty Kuts and Toronto Is Broken you wouldn't expect anything less!
Grab your free download NOW! :)



Filth Wizard [Mix Set] - Tracklist

01.. Zomboy ft. Lady Chann: Here To Stay [Krossbow RMX]
02.. Zomboy ft. Lady Chann vs. Krossbow vs. Skope: Good To Stay [Beat-Breaker RFX]
03.. Skope: Good To Get On Up [Beat-Breaker RFX]
04.. Skope: Get On Up
05.. William Breakspear vs. Tipper: Brave New World / Life Raft For A Death Trip
06.. Hanon: Out Of Work Bastards
07.. Krafty Kuts vs. Dodge & Fuski vs. Hanon: Pounding [Beat-Breaker RFX]
08.. Krossbow: Psycho Bounce
09.. Tipper: Bubble Control [VIP RMX]
10.. SirensCeol: The Glitch Waltz
11.. Kick The Habit vs. SirensCeol: Into The Wild [Beat-Breaker RFX]
12.. Krossbow: Out Of Fear
13.. Hold Yuh vs. Benny Page & Zero G vs. Skrillex: Gyptian Recess [Beat-Breaker RFX]
14.. Skrillex vs. Schema: Recess Asylum [Beat-Breaker RFX]
15.. Schema vs. Tipper: Audio Shatterbox [Beat-Breaker RFX]
16.. Filthzilla: Teenage Kicks
17.. Standard & Push: Super Soaker [Culprit RMX]
18.. Defunk ft. Charlotte Dobre & Sam Klass: Take It All Off
19.. Habstrakt: Listen [Beat-Breaker RFX]
20.. Toronto Is Broken ft. BBK: Rekall
21.. Playma: Spunk Funk
22.. Rob Gasser & Raider: Ark
23.. The McMash Clan ft. Kate Mullins: Swing Break [Opiuo & Russ Liquid RMX]
24.. Culture Shock vs. Habstrakt: Corporate [Beat-Breaker RFX]
25.. Kursa: Bonnibel
26.. Wicked City: Sensation