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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Funk The Bar 2016 - It's back!

It's back!! The biggest, funkiest party of the year, and it's hitting venues all around the world. And what's more, 2016 is the biggest year ever for the phenomenon that is Funk The Bar!

Here are all the details you need . . .

Started in 2014 as a concept club night, with 12 Countries participating in this Global Event.
With Promoters, DJs, artists & venues connected to the Sideshow Kuts Global Club Nights, branches DJ's & promoters.

In 2015 the event concept rapidly grew from 12 Countries in 2014 to 26 countries, with international artist's & promoters from the Sideshow Kuts Global Network pushing the foundations of one of the biggest worldwide event's of its kind.
From Osaka Japan, Sydney Australia, Hong Kong China, Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, to New York U.S.A, Vancouver Canada, Amsterdam Netherlands, Paris France, York UK with Big name DJs, Clubs & Venues all participating

2016: The biggest yet, overtaking last years record and hitting 27 countries with some top worldwide DJ's, artists, cities, venues & promoters taking part including . . .

- FUNKLINERS hosting UK Edition at Crescent Club York with Guest DJ's & Artists with Grinny Grandad, A Man About A Dog (5 Piece Funk Band)
Tinkermuffin Productions Peter Bentinck Dj Fuzzy Logic.
- DA GROOVE BROTHERS Host Spain in Cafe Da Palma Madrid,
- Germany is hosted by Funky Breaks Legend " JAYL FUNK" at Hey Hey Bar in Nuremberg.
- DJ ISIANA Hosting Amsterdam's edition at Kashmir Lounge along with With DJ Lady Deep (NL) LRS (NL), Djr Molina (NL) & Dj SkyFunker (IT)

- USA our boy DIZZLE Hosting NYC Event at Richmond Hood Company Staten Island,New York City with Guests 1Way TKT x ????? with MC Nenjah Nycist.

- Canada see's VIBESREDAH & Friends & In Regina Hosting Funk the Bar 2016 at The Fat Badger local Brew house.

- TRAPSKULL hosting India's Funk The Bar 3rd year running at Roost Urban Bistro New Delhi with special Guest Basskreed (India)

- Meanwhile in Australia D-FUNK playing host in Sydney's Play Bar second year Running with very Special Guests DJ Daigo, Benny Hinn & Meem.

- Whilst New Zealand See's our Boy DJ KONCEPT Host Aucklands Showdown

- Some great Asia Venues & Dj's this year including DJ SELBOIR hosting Thailand's edition at Rock salt Koh Samui with special Guests Steve Bray & Nick Taylor (UK)
- JAY AMOUR Hosting Japans Funkyness at Sam2 Club in Osaka.
- DJ BREE & ALAN RITCHIE Hosting Cambodia at Pontoon Pulse Phnom Penh with Special Guest Dj Maily .
- Singapore is hosted by Pushin On DJ's at Kult Kafe
- Kualar Lumpur is hosted by DJ AUGIE,
- Over in the Philipnes DJ LADYMASTAH representing Manilla at Oblivian Club.
- Macau Hosted By YOUTH SAMOANE at Pacha Macau Sunset Sessions,
- Hong Kong Hosted By DJ KEITH at Wolfmarket,

- Taiwans 2 Branches Hosted by DJ CROSS CUTZ in Taipei at Triangle Club with DJ's Vicar & Markus whilst down south DJ CHAMBER Funkin the Bar at Brickyard in Kaohsiung With DJ's OZ ,Arrow & Les Ho.

- This years Vietnam Edition Looking tasty again the year Hosted By G Nomad at C.C.G Cafe in Da nang with special Guests Groove Riders Funky Brothers & CCG Mofo's. DJ G Nomad Is Sideshow KUTS Vietnam's Head DJ and this Year he MIXED The Official FUNK THE BAR 2016 DJ Mix.

New Countries this year include UAE, Egypt, Poland, Turkey, Hungry and Greece. Waiting TBC China, Switzerland & Finland

For Full Line up, Event Links , times and Host DJ's for each Country & City
Please visit our or the Facebook page

We hope you all have a FUNKIN ' GOOD WEEKEND
Funk The Bar 2016 Worldwide Party
Saturday 3rd September 00 -00 am - pm 24 Hours of
Celebrating that party Funk Sound on a Global Scale
With Much Love Sideshow KUTS Worldwide Family XXX

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

FREE DOWNLOAD - Tigerlight ft. Kathika Rabbit - Don't Let Go (Love)

Time for a real treat from two funky, filthy ladies (musicaly speaking).

It's hard to imagine a better vocal collab than the honey-voiced Tigerlight and the super slick bars of Slamboree's leading lady Kathika. Between them these two have graced the pages and posts at Funk and Filth many times, but this is the first time we've heard them team up together, and the result is this banger!

With nob-twiddling assistance from filth-flinger extraordinaire High Rankin, they have conjoured up a DnB monster based around the hook from En Vogue's anthem. But enough rambling from us, here's Tigerlight's take . . .

"This cover started out as a jam on the piano, just me and some keys and then an idea popped into my head, I knew that Kathika Rabbit would be performing at the same festival I was playing at called Shindig Festival and thought that it would be amazing to sing in harmony with her and share the stage with her so I put the music together for this track to do initially just as a live collab with her. Shaping it in the studio first I tried it out at as a bassline house/ garage track but it just wasn't working at that bpm so then I sped it up to 174 and it clicked. At that point I knew I needed to collab with a seasoned DnB producer to nail the drop so together with the Drum and Bass years of experience and skills of High Rankin we finished off the track in the studio and the track was ready for live. It went OFF live at the festival and so we knew we had to get the track finished for release so Kathika came to my studio and laid down her harmonies and verse. She's such a great talent and it was a joy to work with her and High Rankin on this for you gals and guys. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it and of course I have to give a huge shout out to the original QUEENS in En Vogue who released this killer record back in the day..."
- Tigerlight, Brighton,


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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Redeemed [Part 2] - Beat Breaker - Exclusive Free Mix

Beat Breaker is back again with Volume 2 in his latest mixtape series and guess what, as a Funk and Filth reader/listener/follower you get it as an exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD!

It's another inch-perfect mix from the man with an exceptional ear for dirty bass and dangerously tasty breaks.

This is the follow-up to Redeemed Part 1 which we brought to you last month, which was itself a follow up to last year's monster mix, Redemption.

If you're liking the Beat-Breaker sound, make sure you grab Beat Breaker's latest release on DnB label Sub:Cult! Cable Car . . . It's a monster! Listen below . . .




1... KMFX: Bubble Wrap
2... Wes Smith & Short Stack: Ballin' Hard
3... Deekline: Mars
4... 601: Protest Dirty
5... UFO Project ft. Arkade: Dreaming
6... Deekline: Gotta Believe [UFO Project RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]
7... Stanton Warriors: Hoping [Beat-Breaker RFX]
8... Wes Smith vs. BumpR StickR: Listen To The Beat [DJ Fixx RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]
9... UFO Project: Gonna Break Ya! [Beat-Breaker RFX]
10.. Lady Waks & Mutant Breakz ft. Kathika: Soundboy [Beat-Breaker RFX]
11.. Breaks Mafia: From The Streets [Deep Impact RMX]
12.. Crispbeats: Lights Off [Beatslappaz RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]
13.. Freefall Collective ft. MC Tenja: Protector [Atomic Drop RMX] / Crispbeats: Lights Off [Beatslappaz RMX]
14.. Wes Smith: Daft Bump [Dubaxface RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]
15.. Pirate Jams: Turn It Around
16.. Pirate Jams: Turn It Around [Beat-Breaker RFX]
17.. Deekline vs. Agent K: Gucci Chronicles [Beat-Breaker RFX]
18.. KMFX: Puff Puff Pass
19.. DJ Fixx: We Run This
20.. Deekline: Sound Of Music [Deekline's Bass RMX]
21.. Black & Blunt: East Coast West Coast [Deekline RMX] [Beat-Breaker RFX]

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