Boat Party

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Funk and Filth Takeover: Hot Cakes vs Instant Vibes boat party and afterparty feat. Krafty Kuts & Deekline

Join us on the boat, at the afterparty, or both! Use the buttons below to choose your tickets . . .

After the success of our last collaboration with the Hot Cakes guys we thought "how can we make this even better next time??" Errrrr, how about get Krafty Kuts involved, DOUBLE the amount of Funk and Filth DJs and chuck that shizzle on a mother-funking BOAT, with a monster of an afterparty back at Jamm!!??? Yeah, that should do it!! So that's what's happening! :)


ROOM 2 - Funk and Filth

Billy Onions – Breakbeat’s Don of the airwaves, with shows on NSB Radio and Rough Tempo, now catch him flinging his beats directly at the dancefloor . . . this will be special.

Kwerk – Making HUGE noises on the breaks scene with some ridiculously stomping releases on Kick It Recordings, Expand Records, Sub Element, Breaks R Boss and many more, not to mention a thunderous Room 2 set when Funk and Filth brought him to London in May.

Toronto Is Broken – One of the hottest DnB talents on the planet! With a fresh new album on the way we simply had to bring him to London to throw his shit down!

Click Here to download the new Toronto Is Broken mix for FREE!

Doctor Hooka [Relative Dimensions] – Our very own Doctor-in-residence! He’s been mixing up funk potions in preparation for his third visit to the Funk and Filth dancefloor! Here's his thumping new mix!!

Leygo [Relative Dimensions] – Funkster Supreme at Relative Dimensions, and driving force behind some of Nottingham’s funkiest nights . . . we’re bringing him to London, chucking him on a boat, and waiting to see what funky mayhem unfolds!


Mr Tumnus – With record-breaking Funk and Filth appearances (this will be his 4th set for us, the last of which was a 2-hour monster that saw the sun rise over South London!) we know we can rely on Tumnus to deliver BIG beats and bass.

MassEvil [Radical Mixtape] – Hunky, spunky, funky little monkey, splashing beats and bass about like they were meant to be! Last time at Jamm he almost took the roof off, now we’ve got him back again to finish the job.

Click here to download this MassEvil mixtape for FREE

Nomis [Kane FM] – Founder of the mighty Kane FM we’re bringing surefire party-starter Nomis to thump out his own particular brand of beats and bass at Jamm!

Floored Capri & Robi Wan [Kane FM] – After a truly epic set at our last London night, we simply had to get the Floored Fillers tag-team combination behind the decks again to deliver the beats you love.

Dealo Brown – Fresh, funky DJ/Producer Dealo Brown has been spanking out bass-fuelled DJ sets around the UK, and now he’s hitting London! Do not miss this!

ROOM 1 - Hot Cakes vs Instant Vibes

Krafty Kuts – The man, the legend, Mr Krafty Kuts will be throwing down the biggest, baddest basslines known to man . . . exactly what you'd expect from the funky fella!

Marten Horger – Current holder of several gajillion Breakspoll awards and one of the finest breaks-heads on the planet. Frickin ecstatic that he's been added to the line-up!

Deekline – With I Don't Smoke 2014 doing some seriously good damage to eardrums around the country, Deekline will be in good spirits as he takes on Krafty in this battle of the badmen!

Martin Flex - When it comes to big, bouncy booty bass there aren't many as bang on it as Martin Flex / Pure SX! Every set we've ever heard has been a booty-beauty, so you can expect the boat to be rocking!

Jurassik – The go-to man for the best parties in London! Flying the flag for Hot Cakes and ready to get things shaking . . . . no, RUMBLING! ;)

Join us on the boat, at the afterparty, or both! Use the buttons below to choose your tickets . . .

This is what went down last time Funk and Filth & Hot Cakes teamed up!

And this time we're all aboard this badboy!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Funk and Filth File 'o Facts : Busta

So, what do we know about Busta?

Well he's real name Andrew Stevens from the fine city of Sydney . . . a city not exactly understocked with beat flinging badasses, yet still Busta stands out from the crowd!

He's proved his pedigree with releases on some of the finest funky, filthy labels. We're talking Ghetto Funk, Bombastic Jam and (as regular visitors will know) one of our all time favourite beat factories, BombStrikes.

Click here to download Busta's promo mix for free

But Busta has an extra special place in our affections, carved out by the vast quantity (and consistent quality) of his free downloady offerings. Drum n bass, breaks, midtempo, there's something for every sort of bass head over on his soundcloud, and it's all pure fire dancefloor weaponry!

Have a butchers at the selection we've picked out below, or just grab the free promo mix which contains the cream of his recent freebies. Nice one Busta, banging stuff!

Join us on the boat, at the afterparty, or both! Use the buttons below to choose your tickets . . .

Brand new Funk and Filth baseball caps!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Best of the Best : July 2014

Summer is heating up here in the UK (and in lots of other funky filthy locations too), so we've been smashing together our summer playlists!

This month's Best of the Best, as usual, contains the best selection of beats and bass, and it is almost all absolutely FREE! So help yourself and spread the love.

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This month's Best of the Best selection includes funk nuggets and big fat chunks of filth from Nick Thayer, A.Skillz, Stanton Warriors, Freestylers, Featurecast, Father Funk, Headset Heroes, Marten Horger and loads more! Get stuck in . . .

A.Skillz has shared some of his weaponry with us, generously ladling the funk sauce all over our faces! Thanks for this one man! Free Download too.

Click here to download for free

It's a bassline masterclass in the brand new free promo mix from Billy Onions, as the anticipation starts to build for the party of the year! Join Billy, Krafty Kuts, Marten Horger, MassEvil, Deekline and loads more on the Boat Party in August - click here for details.

Click here to download for free.

Who wants some deep wobbly bass coupled with a tight-as-fuck lyrical rinse-out?? Right, well here you are, in the shape of the latest free download from DJ Chamber and Dizzy Dustin . . .

Click here to download for free

Nick Thayer is the definition of consistency. Every new release is bang on the money, and this latest one (a free taster from his upcoming album) is right up there! Check it out and grab the free download of Inertia!

Click here to download for free

Fresh from their successful destruction of yet another Glastonbury dancefloor, and ahead of another mammoth North American tour, the mighty Stanton Warriors have let loose one of their biggest bass weapons as a free download! Grab it here.

Click here to download for free

If only all fathers were as funky as Father Funk! The guy literally oozes funky basslines, and his latest freebie is more of his usual gold dust, perfect summer bassline vibes!

Click here to download for free

Most people hate going to see the doctor, but never when it's Doctor Hooka!! His Funk and Filth July Mixtape contains some absolute beauties from the likes of A.Skillz, Hotline Zero, Krossbow, Featurecast and loads more! It's a FREE DOWNLOAD too!

Click here to download for free

Everyone is getting pretty hyped for the enormous boat party hitting the Thames this August, and one of the most hyped of all is Leygo! Well, he is playing in the Funk and Filth room on the boat! For tickets to catch Leygo, Krafty Kuts, Marten Horger, Doctor Hooka, Deekline and loads more CLICK HERE!

Click here to download for free

What do you get if you lock Krafty Kuts, Erb N Dub and Skope in a studio together and leave them with no food or water for ten days!!? Well clearly it peaks their funk skillz, as this latest free download proves!

Click here to download for free

Need some perfect mixtapes for summer chilling or lounging round the pool? We've started putting together this playlist of the ultimate summertime chilltime mixtapes, and they are all free to download too!

You guys asked for hats, so we got you hats! Check them out here!

One of the world's finest purveyors of funk nuggets, Colonel Featurecast has served up another bucketful of beats in the shape of this Finger Lickin freebie!

Click here to download for free

The Spanish bass fiends that are Dubaxface have been up to their usual tricks, putting together a thunderous new mixtape for our aural pleasure! It's a full on bass-fest!

Click here to download for free

The Freestylers left us literally trembling after headlining the last London party that we teamed up with Hot Cakes for back in May, and their new mixtape is doing much the same! They've also teamed up with Belle Humble again (who provided the vocals to the truly immense Cracks) to deliver Electro Shock, check out the video below.

Click here to download for free

Headset Heroes are smashing it at the moment! With a highly anticipated new release out on Beatport on 7th July featuring remix duties from Lunathics, you'll have to make do with this mixtape until you can get your hands on it!

Click here to download for free

Marten Horger has been added to the line-up for the gigantic Hot Cakes - Instant Vibes - Funk and Filth boat party in August which, as you can expect, we are pretty funking pleased about!! And he's also been busy making us jealous by spending some intimate studio time with the one and only Lady Waks, to create this badboy!

The hardest working man in bass business (well, he's got to be in the top 10!), a Mr T. Hooligan Esq. has been very busy again, dealing out some bang tidy beatwork. The Fookin Fly remix below is fookin excellent!

Click here to download for free

Another one of the boat party crew, Martin Flex has been manning his booty bass factory to chuck out not only a brand new mix for the RipeCast, but also a tasty remix of that Marten Horger / Lady Waks banger!

Click here to download for free

One of our consistent favourites, Dub:ra has taken probably the only decent 'commercial' dance tune so far this year, and transformed it into a true dancefloor thumper! Good work man, good work! (and it's free to download!)

Click here to download for free

The forces behind the Armory podcast have outdone themselves yet again! This time they've enticed the legendary DJ Icey (he legitimately is the reason I first got into breaks!) and his mix certainly doesn't disappoint! Have fun!

Click here to download for free