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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Funk #9 - Nick Thayer

Another Aussie on the #FandFHOF line-up? What can we say, they are a funky bunch down there!!

Nick Thayer is the basically the Funkmaster General of the southern hemisphere, having been at the top of this particular game for as long as we can remember. Often found hanging out and making beats with the likes of A.Skillz, Dodge & Fuski and DJ Yoda, he's well and truly amongst the funkiest, filthiest men on the planet and we tip our hats to the man!

Needless to say, we're expecting similar quantities of both funk and filth from him in 2015!

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Filth #9 - Dub Pistols

A big, fat #FandFHOF welcome once again to the multi-award winning Dub Pistols!

DJ Mag Awards, Bass Music Awards, Breakspoll, the Dub Pistols really have cleared up at all the awards that matter in this game! Whether it's their downright mental live performances as a band, or the dirty DJ sets dished out by Mr Ashworth and friends, you can be sure if Dub Pistols are on the line-up it's gonna be one hell of a night/festival!

They should need little more in terms of introduction, so best you get stuck into the selection of beats below . . .

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Funk #10 - Busta!

Beats don't get much funkier than those that are put together by Busta!

Sydney's Andrew Stevens (a.k.a. Busta!) has had some tidy releases on Bombstrikes, Bombastic Jam, Fort Knox Recordings, Manmade, Breakbeat Paradise and Ghetto Funk, as well as a string of not-so-official remixes and some naughty mixtapes!

His promo mix [free download below] contains a compilation of some of his finest work,. and earns him his rightful spot inside this year's #FandFHOF top 10!

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